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Top Lineage 2 Essence Improved Crusader java server from R33team. Free to play version of the legendary game. Best L2 for solo players. More PvP/PvE content then ever before.

L2 Essence Servers

Server opening: December22 at 18:00 +1GMT

A great mix of content for players and clans to suit a variety of gaming preferences.
The best developers from different projects worked on this project, such as, scryde, l2e-global, pentawar
Stages and sequence of project development. Our project has a number of updates in store, the purpose of which is the constant development and provision of new content.
Many convenient services and round-the-clock technical support
Class balancing and thoughtful concept. System of classes and anti-classes.
New players feel comfortable with us: clear quest systems, convenient search for groups and mutual assistance of players will help you quickly integrate into the life of the server.
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L2 Essence

Server L2 Essence by r33t Grand Crusade server with an understanding of the needs of players.
Team r33t founded in the distant 2007, rather it was a clan, which smoothly moved to Lineage component as many different projects, and united us our clan and the opportunity to play in this really great game.
L2 Essence, it is an opportunity to implement a lot of "features" and optimizers of the gameplay, which before was impossible to dream of.
Our focus is - improvements and optimization, the relationship between the needs of the server Lineage 2 Essence and donation on the project. There can be no corruption on the project. It is beyond ethics and our values. We choose the side of correct behavior and EQUAL rights between all participants of the process.
Lineage 2 Essence servers are unique concepts and ideas that come into the minds of different people. We offer standardization of relationships and equality at all stages of the server.
First of all it is a game and a fascinating world that gives us positive impressions and does not take much time, the system of autofarm on our project is optimized 80% better than any of our competitors. The quality of the game L2 Essence - that's what our team took care of in the first place. Smooth movement, geo, autofarming speed, lags on sucesses, what is more important for the game? That's right - its optimization.
European server Lineage 2 Essence - can safely be called as such. Our project is aimed at different targets